Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 1 at Animation Mentor

Why hello there!
So i didn't post much about week 1 when i started last week, but that's mostly because there's not too much that was exciting to post. That's not say the week was not exciting! Indeed it was! It's just that our homework for week 1 was basically to familiarize ourselves with the online campus, meet our fellow classmates and Mentor, and fill out our school profiles. A lot of that I'd already done during the Orientation week, so mostly i just cruised the site, checked out upperclassmen's work and cheated ahead in the syllabus. No sense in sitting around right??

My Mentor is Raquel Rabbit. She's worked at Blue Sky, Dreamworks, Laika, Wildbrain and Tippet studios and seems pretty super awesome. We had our first live Q&A (which is basically a live video chat with everyone in the class) and got to meet all my fellow students as well as Raquel. My iSight was on the fritz, so my video feed was janky, but the audio was all good and we got through it.

This weeks assignment is to sketch in a public place, upload a page of sketches with my favorite circled, and recreate the pose on the STU rig. I already sketch pretty regularly and carry a sketch book around, but being required to do so again is both great and daunting. We were supposed to do at least 10 sketches, but i easily have like 8 pages from the weekend i'm weeding through. I'm one of those go-overboard types. When homework is fun there's no reason to not do more right? I'm also gonna go ahead and do more than one pose on STU. Ultimately, I'll just upload my favorite for class, but i figure it can't hurt to practice posing on a rig as much as possible.

I'll upload my sketchbook stuff and some of the STU poses later this week and recap Week 2 of my Animation Adventure. Stay tuned.