Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Feed Em - Blocking pass #2

Hey hey y'all!
So i worked this shot a little further this week. Started breaking it down a bit mostly on the STU character. The impact when the squirrel attacks happens so quick, it'll probably need to be keyed by hand in the end. Right now it's on 2's, and still needs some work on the post impact. maybe a little body bounce or something to sell the weight. I'm also thinking i've got a better ending in my head then what' represented here... Right now i have the squirrels bouncing off scene, but i'm thinking it'd be more funny if after they knock the dude over, they come in from all directions (maybe 3 or 4 of them) and get the nuts at his feet (nuts aren't in there yet, but that's the idea)
Also, it's mostly gonna be a moving hld on dude for most of the shot to build up the tension and get a nice contrast in timing from trying to feed the squirrel to attack. Here it is so far:

So i think I've got one more blocking pass to go here, then I'll move to a linear pass and on to polishing. Still a ways to go, but it's getting there!


  1. Thanks for the comment Ryan, I always thought I could do that but never took the time to fully explore the forums. I will take more advantage of it next quarter.
    Sweet blocking. The stride he takes looks really clean. The Fall is amazing. All the squirrel stuff is reading really well and looks great.
    Did you shoot reference for the guy?
    I think you need an anticipation before he kneels down. It also looks like he is going to take a step and then changed his mind and decided to kneel. It might read better if you had him complete the step, pause and then kneel. Maybe add him holding a bag of peanuts and he pulls one out after he kneels to attract the squirrel. I think he need more beckoning of the squirrel while he is kneeling. He goes a little dead and there is a lot he could be doing to bring the squirrel closer. Though it would all probably be subtle so i don't know how much you need in your blocking.
    Hope it's cool that I'm treating this like AM. I know I wouldn't mind if more people treated my blog that way.
    You should follow Nick and Matt's blogs too, they are currently following mine and I'm following theirs but I'm following like a 100 things so probably just easier to see who is following me.
    I look forward to seeing how this turns out. Looks really good so far.

  2. nice man! Really like what you have going here. How has your break been?