Sunday, May 16, 2010

Animation Mentor Week 2

Alrighty! So for week 2, our assignment was to go to a public place and do a bunch of sketches. This is something i do on the regular already, but it was nice to be in a mode where it's regimented again. I like this! So the assignment was, go to a public place, do a bunch of sketches, then pick one and model it on the STU character provided by AM. STU is a super simple rig meant mostly to get us comfortable playing with controls. One thing that's a real pain is STUs gigantic head. Most the time it's no problem, but sometimes it makes some poses very difficult to achieve. Though we were only required to turn in one STU pose, i tried to do a few of my poses and then pick the one i (and my peers) felt read the best.

Ultimately, I went with the sitting pose.

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