Sunday, May 16, 2010

Animation Mentor Week 6

Week 6. Wow! Halfway through Class 1 already! This week we were introduced to overlapping action. On this assignment we got to choose between two assignments both using a pendulum rip that has a base and 4 joints ending in a weighted ball. Option 1 was to start the pendulum swinging from a stopped position. Option 2 was to move the base and have the pendulum react accordingly. In both assignments the objective was the same. To observe how the successive breaking of joints creates overlapping action. Option 2 was regarded as the more difficult one, so naturally i went with that. The frame limit was 100-200 frames.

The workflow i used last week of sketching a plan, animating a pencil test in flipbook, and then moving into Maya worked really well for me so i decided to use it again this week. First i planned out my shot in my sketchbook.

Next i went into flipbook and did a rough pencil test to figure out my timing and rough overlapping action.

Unfortunately, i was pretty swamped this week. I had a trip to Las Vegas planned for a combination bachelor party and bowling tournament at the 11th annual Punk Rock Bowling. This is an animation blog, so i won't go into details on that one, but the point is while i had an awesome time, i left Thursday and had very little time left to work on my assignment. This is the first week i wasn't totally happy with the work i turned in. It's mostly OK, but there are some obvious problems to me. Here's what i turned in for week 5:

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